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KanjiQuick 2.2.
Voice of Japan 2.0.

Users' comments and ratings

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This is what users say about the Japanese-English Version
  • It really is a great program you have here (C.L., Japan)
  • Thanks very much, the program works great! (P.Y., USA)
  • I have to say, you all have the BEST customer support and service I have ever seen. Thank you so much! (M.S., USA)
  • I am pretty familiar now with what those speech engines can and can't do. I finally listened to Voice of Japan today using the demo at the web
  • site, and the difference is like night and day! I am extremely impressed, (T.H., USA)
  • Greetings, I have tested both kanji quick and kanji quick voice and I really like it. ... It's easy to install, easy to use. To put things short, it's the best thing I have used since I started learning Japanese. The same goes with kanjiquick voice. The sound quality is great. I can't find anything to complain about. So, you can be sure I won't ask for my money back for this program (S.E., USA)
  • I have bought the license and am extremely impressed with the combination of kanji quick and Voice of Japan. They are very nicely integrated in the registered version and the search options, filters (jouyou, kyouiku, frequency, etc) are very well thought out and easy to use. Best 20 dollars I've spent for a long time!!! (A.I., Japan)
  • I downloaded your demo product KanjiQuick 2.1, it was very well developed, I was extremely satisfied. (D.T. Mongolia)
  • You've created a wonderful product, and I'm happy to finally be able to use it's full abilities. I've already recommended your software to several friends, and when I post my new webpage online I plan to include a link to your site. I hope you'll have many more registrations and be able to continue your wonderful work (D.S., USA)
  • By the way your software seems way above anything else I have encountered in my extensive searches for a good interactive Japanese dictionary. (And) I have just tested Voice of Japan ... it is quite wonderful! I have, of course sent off for registration of that too. What a wonderful day this has been, thanks to your software! (R.O., GB)
  • I downloaded the demo and try, guess what: THE BEST OF THE BEST and I liked it very much So easy to use and i can learn Japanese without a mentor, and u is my mentor. The Speaking Mentor (J.L., Singapore)
  • This is to compliment you on providing outstanding service .... Voice of Japan is ideally suited to my needs as a Japanese Language Text To Speech program. Its working just fine now and I will gladly recommend it to my friends (T.B., USA)
  • Many thanks for the exceptional support. I have contributed a favourable review to, emphasizing the value of VoJ to the student. (R.H., UK)
  • I downloaded and tried your Voice of Japan product and think its great. I am currently studying Information Technology in Australia and at the moment we are learning about programming for voice to text and speech recognition systems and software. (S.B., Australia)
  • Die Software ist von der Funktionalität erstklassig, und wohl einzigartig in Deutschland ! (R.S., Germany)
  • I can't thank you enough for your patience and your kindness ! You are GREAT ! And your soft is wonderful ! And the new recording feature of version 2.1 is so cool ! Once again thanks so much for everything ! (P.A., France)
  • ... the female voice is very natural and sounds almost like a perfect voice. Thank you again for your excellent program like VOJ. I wish you every success in your projects. (P.W., China)
  • I would like to thank you for wonderful software Voice of Japan 22 kh. (C.M., Poland)
  • Hello! I have been using your product for a couple of months now, and I must say that it is certainly the best of its kind. (M.C., USA)
  • I am a 23 year old man who downloaded your KanjiQuick shareware yesterday and I have to say, I absolutely loved it! It is extremely practical for my japanese studies and I simply have to have
  • this program. So I wanted to know what I need to do in order to register to be able to use KanjiQuick fully? I truly hope that you will get back to me as soon as possible as I am very anxious to get back to using this wonderful program. (L.P., Denmark)
  • It is a wonderful software (S.P., India)
  • I placed an order for your program today. It has been invaluable to my studying (M.S., USA)
  • I've downloaded the "voj1411" version, which has worked immediately. I'm very impressed, congratulations to your great work !!!!! (I.R., Japan)
  • Thanks a lot! I installed the font, the programme works fine and is really fantastic! Thanks for developing such a great software! (T.H., Japan)
  • A few months ago I purchased KanjiQuick together with Voice of Japan. I'm very happy with the excellent voice quality of the spoken text. Voice of Japan can be of tremendous help in classrooms especially during the first year when learning the pronunciation is important. I think Voice of Japan has a perfectly natural sounding voice with excellent pronunciation. To my knowledge there's no other software like this. (L.D., Belgium)
  • I am enjoying the program very much .... your products are really making a big difference for students like us, and i'm glad there are people like you we could turn to for additional learning materials. thanks! (J.B., Japan)
  • I purchased it approximately 2 months ago and have found it to be the single most useful Japanese learning tool that I have ever tried. ... It is a marvelous program and I would like to use it on my other computers as well. (J.S., USA)



Kommentare zur Japanisch-Deutschen Version
  • Schönen Gruss und ein riesen Kompliment zu diesem wirklich fantastischen Programm (A. G., Germany)
  • Das neue Spielzeug begeistert mich! Ich bin ein Hadamitzky-FAN, besitze Kanji und Kana seit 1980, habe an der Uni die Kanjiprüfung über die Jouyoukanji abgelegt und bin jetzt beim Wiederlernen mit den alten Übungsbögen zu Kanji und Kana. Das elektronisch Zeichenlexikon ist wunderbar, es hat mehr Möglichkeiten als das große Zeichenlexikon in Buchformat, das ich vor einem Jahr um 113 Euro erstanden habe: Suche mit deutscher Übersetzung, Liste der Kombinationen, Möglichkeit, jedes einzelne Zeichen der Kombinationen definieren zu lassen, Strichfolge demonstriert zu bekommen ... (F. P., Österreich)
  • Schließlich erhalte ich hier nicht nur das Kanji-Nachschlagewerk sondern auch das integrierte Lexikon "WaDokuJiten" sowie - last but not least - das sehr gute Sprachmodul welches mir für meinen Selfmade-Kurs (in Vorbereitung für Privatgebrauch) auf dem PC als optimaler Ersatz für typische Hör-CDs / Kassetten dient. Die neue Funktion, die gesprochenen Texte als Media-Datei abzuspeichern ist wirkliche eine klasse Funktion. Jetzt kann ich die jeweiligen Übungen und Lektionen in meine eigene Dokumentation einbinden und erhalte erst hiermit einen echten Multimedia-Kurs. (O.S., Germany)
  • Zunächst einmal möchte ich ihnen gegenüber meine Begeisterung über ihr wirklich hervorragendes Produkt, KanjiQuick, zum Ausdruck bringen. Dieses Programm erleichtert einem Japanologiestudenten wie mir das Leben gehörig. (M.S., Germany)
  • SOOO gut ist VoiceOJ. Meine Bewunderung und Anerkennung für Ihre harte Arbeit! Besten Dank !!!! Besten Dank!!! Besten Dank!!! (R.P., Canada)
  • Das Programm hat nicht zuletzt durch das Update sehr gewonnen. Es ist sehr gut jetzt, gratuliere. (A.D., Germany)
  • Ich habe vor einiger Zeit die Demo-Version des Programms "KanjiQuick" heruntergeladen und bin in der Tat beeindruckt. Dieses Programm ist so ziemlich das nützlichste, das je meine Festplatte gefüllt hat. (C.K., Germany)
  • Noch einmal moechte ich Ihnen fuer die hervorragenden Programme KANJIQUICK und VOICE OF JAPAN danken!! Eine hervorragende Leistung! Ueberrascht hat mich die verhaeltnismaessig "saubere" Stimme im VOICE OF JAPAN! Ich haette schon eher eine "Computerstimme" erwartet...
  • Das Programm ist ja wirklich super (T.G., Germany)


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